The Reporting Revolution - Digital Edition

Chris Lysy
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Why are we still reporting like it's 1999? Short answer: nobody cared about our work enough to force us to change. In this dangerous little book, data analyst turned professional information designer, and sometimes cartoonist, Chris Lysy attempts to lead his fellow researchers and evaluators out of the late 90s and into the present.

If a PDF report falls in a forest, and nobody posts about it on social media, will it be read?

The kind of stuff you'll find in this book:

  • The real reasons why people find our evaluation and research reports super boring.
  • Why we need to move from the noun report to the verb report.
  • The big 3 audiences we should serve with our reports.
  • Why we should leave the funnels to marketers and go for a splash instead.
  • Some actual modern reporting strategies.
  • How to reduce HiPPO problems.
  • How to fight the good fight with the status quo.
  • A pretty informal writing style with conjunctions and stuff that clearly shows no actual academic publisher was involved with the production of this book.
  • Lots of pictures.
  • A handful of cartoons.
  • Probably a few typos.
  • A coupon code that gives you a $99 companion course for free.
  • And more!

About the Author

Chris Lysy is a freelance information designer who has led design, dissemination, and capacity building projects with organizations like the CDC, USAID, and Habitat for Humanity. For over a decade Chris has published blog posts at His illustration work can be seen inside of books by influential evaluation authors like Michael Quinn Patton, David Fetterman, and Stephanie Evergeen. Chris also offers self-paced courses on data visualization design and leads a data design learning community at

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The Reporting Revolution - Digital Edition

1 rating
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