Royalty Free Freshspectrum Cartoons

Chris Lysy

Here is a place where you can download my full public cartoon archive.  It's a zip file with over 200 cartoons.  Anyone can download, anytime.

Want to use any of my cartoons royalty free?  (i.e. presentations, books, learning modules, posters, etc.)

Here are the rules.

1. If your project is noncommercial, you can feel free to use any of my cartoons, anytime, anywhere.

2. The only attribution I request, keep the link on the cartoon (it's my signature).

3. If you think your project might be commercial, ask first. I'll likely say yes. 

4. If you get value out of using my cartoons (like it saves money or helps you in some significant way), consider putting more than $0 in the box above.

5. If you want to check out the cartoons first, you're already in my creative workshop, you're supporting me elsewhere, or you just don't have any money to spare.  Just stick a $0 in the box to download.  No judgment.

This product is not currently for sale.
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Royalty Free Freshspectrum Cartoons

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